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Attorney Ad Litem Services

Occasionally in contested family law cases, the best interest of a child may become secondary to the strong desires and agendas of the parents. The relief that a particular parent seeks may not actually serve the child’s best interests. In such a situation, it is helpful to obtain the assistance of an “Attorney ad Litem,” which is an independent attorney appointed to represent only the child and the child’s interests.

Similarly, the Court may also appoint an attorney to serve as an “Amicus Attorney,” which is a representative of the Court. Differently from an Attorney ad Litem, an Amicus Attorney does not actually represent the child, but is an agent of the Court, who makes an investigation into the parties’ circumstances and makes a report to the Court with findings and the results of the investigation in regards to the child’s best interests.

We are familiar and experienced in serving in both roles in cases involving children.